5 Common Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety To Watch Out For


If you notice that your pet dog has been acting up lately and you don’t know why, he may be experiencing separation anxiety which is a common issue in canines. It is when they feel stressed when left alone resulting to negative behavior. Any dog parent or pet owner should be able to tell the difference between a dog being sad when their owner leaves the house and the more serious separation anxiety. Knowing the symptoms will be a great deal of help to fight the issue or even prevent it.

Here are 5 common signs of dog separation anxiety that should be observed:


Barking or whining (or both) is the most common sign of separation anxiety in dogs. They would usually start this behavior once their owner leaves and won’t stop until they return.The barking is a cry for their owner to come back to the pack.


While dogs naturally love to chew on just about anything, excessive and destructive chewing is a separation anxiety symptom. This behavior in canines is similar to when humans chew gum in order to stay calm.


When a dog is stressed, one usual behavior would be digging. This is usually accompanied by general destruction so if you find that one of your shoes have been chewed on, papers in your house are scattered and played with and other similar scenarios while you were gone, you should start observing your pet, especially if it is accompanied by digging.


While almost all dogs drool, it can be a sign of stress when excessive. It is hard to tell whether excessive drooling is medical related or due to the stress of separation anxiety, so try to be more observant. If your pet has this issue all of a sudden and you’re not sure of the cause, it is best to consult with your veterinarian.

Peeing and Pooping

Another common sign of dog separation anxiety is urinating or pooping inside the house, especially if your pet is potty trained or knows how to do his business outside. If this happens only when you are away, it means that your pet is indeed stressed.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a serious condition. Canines are naturally loyal and loving and it makes them sad when they are away from you which they see as the leader of their pack. Watch out for these signs to help fight the issue!

Mary James is a certified dog lover – she specifically loves her Yorkshire Terrier, Missy, who is 8 years old. From all those years of experience with her dog plus plenty of research and seeking the advice of experts, she has become very knowledgeable about the Yorkshire Terrier breed, as well as dogs in general. For more tips, tricks and other helpful information about Yorkies, head over to her website where she blogs and sells awesome Yorkie merchandise.

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