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The Ganesh festival in Mumbai is celebrated with great pomp and vigor. Though the festival was introduced by renowned Indian leader, Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Maharasthra, today it has become one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The Ganesh festival is usually for 10 or 11 days and it is normally celebrated in September.

During this festival in India, people bring a Ganesh idol to their home and worship it for the next few days. Some people bring for one and a half day while some bring it for 5 days.

The bigger idols that are placed in public pandals get many visitors during the day and night and the idols are immersed on the 10th day. Girguam Chowpatty and Juhu Chowpatty in Mumbai are where most idols are immersed. In other areas which are far from these beaches, the Ganesh idols are immersed in lakes which could be either natural or manmade.

The most popular Ganesh idol is definitely Lalbaugcha Raja. This idol is made in the same style every year and it is located at Lalbaug. People from all parts of the city and Maharashtra come here to pay respects to the God, often standing in quest that could last for 18 hours. People ask for their wishes to be fulfilled and many of them have experienced that have their wishes have indeed come true. Such is the greatness of the city’s favorite elephant God.

Normally the idols are made from plaster of Paris, however this material is quite harmful for the water and it does not dissolve easily in water. Hence many people have decided to go for idols made of clay and they can easily dissolve in the water.

Mumbai alone must have around 50,000 idols of all sizes, shapes and colors. People put a fresh, new garland everyday on the idol and then do aarti twice a day. They visit each other’s houses to pay their respects to the Lord. The festival is now celebrated in other states as well such as Rajasthan and Punjabi. Every year the important of this festival is growing within the people as the Lord is considered as a fulfiller of wishes.

During the time the idol has to immersed in the water, people become emotional and pay their last respects to the lord. They wish him to come again next year and go home with memories that will be etched in their minds forever.

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