Healthy benefits of Watermelon


Healthy benefits of Watermelon

Botanically, Watermelon is a berry which belongs to Cucurbitaceae  family ( Citrullus lanatus ) .It is originated in South Africa . It is cultivated widely in India and China. China is world’s single largest watermelon producer.

Watermelon is a succulent & fleshy fruit enjoyed during summer to beat the scorching heat. It is a great snack to have on hand during this season.

It is a power packed fruit loaded with 30 k calories ,minerals and essential nutrients  , Its rich in vitamin  C 10% , 90% water ,  6% sugar, vitamin A ,  choline , Zinc & fluoride . Minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, Lycopene.


Watermelon reduces muscle soreness

It contains amino acid  L-citrulline which produces muscle soreness, pain and maintains the recovery time following exercise in athletes.


Heart Disease

It reduces the formation of plaque in blood, prevents cholesterol from clogging arteries and increase the high density lipoproteins ( HDL – Good cholesterol ) , thus prevents heart attack , stroke, and reduces blood pressure .


Eye Health

Watermelon is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C . Vitamin A contains  beta_carotene , which increases eye vision and nourishes retina. Vitamin A is required for maintaining healthy  mucosa and skin. Vitamin C prevents  retinal damage, night blindness, macular degeneration , glaucoma and dry eye syndrome  from free radicals.



It boosts immunity and reduces infections like cold and flu . It is rich in vitamin C , thus, helping preventing asthma.

Protects from cancer  

Vitamin C & A are highly effective in protecting the body from free radicals which damage the cells during stress.  They protect the skin from ultraviolet rays , thus preventing cancer like prostate, breast, endometrial, colon, pancreas, lung  and oral cavity.

Good for Kidney

As it’s a diuretic fruit , it reduces the formation of renal calculi, cleanses uric acid in the blood.  Due to its water content, it cleanses the kidney resulting in frequent urination .

It decreases water retention and bloating.


It neutralizes the inflammatory particles known as free redicals.

Good for nervous system

It balances the fluid level .

Acts as Viagra in men

It contains arginine  which relaxes the blood vessels , improves  sexual stamina, thus , preventing impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Hydrating Benefits

It reduces  dehydration, replaces the fluids  and minerals lost during sweating.

Weight Loss

It’s a low calorie sweet fruit with high water content.

Diabetes care

As watermelon is rich in potassium and magnesium, it helps in functioning of insulin in body, thus , lowering blood sugar level.

Brain  Food

Rich in vitamin B6, 92% water, so it normalizes sleep patterns and alleviates stress and depression. It contains 4.1mg choline which helps sleep, sharpens memory, muscle movement and learning . Choline maintains structure of cellular membranes and helps in transmission of nerve impulses .

Digestion  and Regularity

Because of its high water and fibre content, it prevents constipation and helps in smooth bowel movement .

Glowing Skin

 As watermelon rich in vitamin A and C , it helps in enhancement of beauty both internally and externally . It prevents wrinkles, fine lines and age spots as they neutralize the free radicals.

Skin blemishes

 Apply piece of watermelon on your face, leave it for 10 minutes , wash with warm water and then splash of cold water.

During Pregnancy

It eases heart burns in pregnant women giving them instant relief .

It reduces swelling of hands and feet ( EDEMA ).

It reduces blockage in veins and muscles as it has high water content .


It prevents dehydration : It is advisable for a pregnant woman to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration as it  causes premature contractions resulting in premature birth.

Reduces muscle cramps .

Prevents pigmentation of skin .

Smooth bowel movements and proper digestion of food ,helps in maintaining skin texture .


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