Overcoming Obstacles



Being a new author is an exciting roller-coaster ride that I’m blessed to be on. However, it didn’t start out that way. In fact, I never set out to become an author or writer at all. In fact, I have always dreamed of opening my own restaurant. Creating my own recipes. Until a few short years ago I held on to this dream with everything that I am.

Planning my daily life so my true north pointed to the restaurant of my dreams. Working in fast food to learn management skills quickly. Putting money back for my nest egg. Keeping my food safety certificates current. And doing all that I could not to lose sight of my dream.  

But, life had other plans for me.

In 2011, while working at a job that I very much enjoyed I started to become very ill. Taking sick days that I had never used in the prior years of working there. Being so weak that I could barely stand. Knowing my daughter was watching me wither away without knowing a reason as to why.

After more than five months, a battery of test, and more hospital visits then I care to admit; we finally had a partial answer. I had a large group of blood vessels in my brain that not only didn’t form right. But were also so over worked that they were seeping and ready to burst.

Having lived through this, I can tell you that no person wants to hear the words, “You need surgery but we don’t have the facilities to perform the operation.”   So, here I am. A 28yr. old mother to an autistic child scared to death that I won’t see my daughter’s next birthday. Being transported almost an hour away to another hospital, to doctors that I have never heard of, in preparation of having a surgery that I didn’t understand.

Needless to say, I had the operation. But there were complications.

The surgeon, from I know is good at his job. My opinion is that he wasn’t the right doctor for me.  Upon reaching his facilities, I was informed that my prior doctor was over worried with his diagnosis. Yes, there was blood vessels that needed to be dealt with, but it could wait a short time. Two weeks to be precise. You see, the surgeon had a vacation planned and that was when he would be back. However, his staff would be there in case I needed anything.   

Assured that I would be ok until the doctor got back, I allowed for them to discharge me from the hospital. After all, two weeks is not that long at all. Right? Wrong. Not three days later I would he air lifted back to the second hospital after suffering my first stroke.

Think about that of just a moment. A 28yr old having a stroke. The right side of my body not partially paralyzed. At the time I could barely speak, had to use a cane to walk. But hay I was alive and counted for something.

A short time later, I had my surgery. Of course, it was not without its own complications. According to records I suffered another stroke while under the knife. So, I can’t for sure tell you if the problem that came after were from surgery or the stroke, but my world changed that day.

The day before I was a 28yr old woman with a path to my dream. I woke up and my dreams were gone. I no longer felt the right side of my body. Could barely see anything that wasn’t in front of me. Anything that was on the right side of my body could well enough not be there at all for I didn’t see it. I couldn’t even remember the alphabet.

Now, I had a choice. Lay there and accept that I would never walk again. Accept that I would forever need a care taker.  Accept that my daughter, my joy would never have the mommy that she loved. Or I could fight.

I loved to read, to I had to relearn the words that I enjoyed so much. Starting with books that I knew forward and back I forced myself to relearn what meant most to me. Forced myself to learn to type. That skill went from basic words and short answers to questions. Evolving to chapters in fan fictions. Stories that I got ripped for because the grammar was incorrect. Spelling was horrible. You name it the stories were bad.

Now I could go back in and edit them now, but I choose to leave them. It is a reminder of where I started and how far I have come since then.

Since then life has thrown some curve balls my way. Sometimes struggling, sometimes finding a path of least resistance. Everyday pushing myself toward a new dream. One that is evolving every day. In 2012, I met my muse who guided me through the rest of my recovery. Later, after our marriage in 2013, he encouraged me to leave the realm of fan fiction and focus on my own work. It would take me some time to get the courage to put my work to paper. Longer for my new dream to be realized.

Now in the fall of 2017 is see my dream taking shape and becoming attainable.  My grasp of the English language has improved. And, I could write a story with proper grammar and correct spelling. Really, I could. But, that’s not me. That’s not my path.

Life gave me the obstacle of relearning a language that grew up speaking. Life set me on a path that led up a steep hill forcing me to find strength that I would have never testing if not for falling ill. So, why would I ever go back to ordinary when I can create something extraordinary and completely mine.

With that said, “The New Reign” a “Of Lite and Darke” novel is not ordinary. I had to play with my own life’s experiences creating something filled with the miss- spellings., wrong words, and horrible grammar.  I do promise, the reason to my madness will be revealed later. I so hope that you will join me on this ride that I now find myself on and enjoy this fantasy series.

In the meantime, I leave you with a word of inspiration. You can plan your life and set goals but there will always be bumps, hills and valleys in your way. It is up to you to figure out how to deal with them. You can sit on the sidelines and listen to the people who will tell you that you never do what you dream. Or… you can overcome those obstacles and forge your own path. The choice is solely up to you. Your choices will determine your outcome. The only way the outcome will be left up to the voices, the people around you is only you let them decide your path. If you let them define you.


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