Politics In My View


Politics is what the world has called these addictive vice that encompasses greatly, the whole idea of the democratic expression of one’s views. In the whole world, the oldest practice beside business is politics, as the masses endeavored to have a leader; people with opposing ideologies rose up and imbued everyone with their views creating an opposing political divide.

It is said that politics is like a drug, opium for that matter, very addictive and quite intoxicating. In many democratic nations in the world, however, politics has been a great propelling force to great achievements since it offers a chance to differently opinionated individuals to put into action their views as they get checked by those of the opposing divide. It has, therefore; significantly played a major role in the development of a country and it is evident from those nations that started practicing democratic regimes early in life.

Political Effects on Developing Countries.

In developing countries, it’s not just economy that is undeveloped; also politics suffer the same undergrowth. In most African countries dictatorship is still very vibrant and has been masqueraded by pseudo-democracy that still leaks poverty. This in effect paves way for the rise of strong oppositions that controls big masses.

The enigma with this scenario is that even the politics itself suffers from immaturity. It is said “politics is a dirty game, “in these parts of the world it gets more than dirty, it becomes savagery. In many places, it has been the cause of animosity leading to atrocities such as violence and creating deeper tribal dispersions.

In Kenya for example, one of the greatest African countries in terms of financial and political stability, the recent general elections have brought about depressions in the financial status and the general serenity of the country. But who is it to blame? My answer is the politicians. They have drawn the whole country into a political spell that has crippled many activities and all at the cost of the taxpayers’ pocket.

In addition to the crippling of the nation’s economy, the spell has opened fresh tribal wounds that will bleed for the next decade or so. This is because there has been an engulfing notion of political view being associated with tribal affiliations. The great divide is even more evident to be based more not on agendas but on tribalism. Therefore it is correct to say that, one of the major political effects on these countries is the brooding and expounding of tribal differences.

Conclusion and Recommendations.

The big questions in every leader should be, “what is my real agenda and am I really for the people?” With this, not questioning their integrity, they ought to come out as leaders who focus on what helps the common citizen and not what benefits him as a leader.

The other point is that being in the development journey; let none skip the baby steps that are the fundamental growing base of the nation. Copying the practices of more politically and economically well-doing nations is overstretching an already struggling country.

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