The Denon X2300W AVR Review & Sound Tests


Denon X2300W is a remarkable AVR for a good price. Not only is it loaded with features such as 4k support and many HDMI ports but also it screams of great quality for the given price. This AVR supports HD audio formats such as DTS- HD MA , Dolby True Surround etc

This avr is good at both the Movies and Music after calibration. You can hear the dialogues of the movie clearly with appropriate setting no matter the source. You can even further fine tune it to your liking through audyssey’s settings in Menu to match the dialogue volume to the sounds of explosions in the movie to the same volume so that you don’t have to turn up or reduce the volume in various scenes.

This AVR comes with an Audyssey XT Calibration tool and mic to Calibrate to your room environment. Audyssey recommends using the 8 Calibration seats to get the most out of the Denon AVR X2300W.


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