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Georgia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe on the coast of the Black Sea. It is located to the south of Russia, and to the north of Turkey and has the size of Ireland .

It presents a remarkable mix of climates and landscapes including mountains, valleys, rivers, meadows and amazing Black Sea resorts. Recently, Georgia has been developing and progressing and at the same time eliminating both crime and corruption.



At the mid-2000s, Georgia’s tourist infrastructure began to increase, and the number of tourists who visit Georgia and the Black Sea had greatly increased.

Georgians are people of a distinct culture, not related to the Turks or Russians, and they are not tied to any other surrounding nation. However, some academic theories with no definitive evidence, link Georgians to

Basque and Corsican people who live in Southwestern Europe. For centuries, Georgians were engaged in some struggles against many great empires like the Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Russian, but they had the ability to preserve their own identity and history.


8 reasons to travel to Georgia and Tbilisi:
You may never thought of visiting Georgia before, but if you do then this country will absolutely blow your mind. A tour in Georgia is like a match, every new thing you see amazes you more than the previous one . There is something magical or maybe mysterious attracts you to this place, it is probably the mix of the warm-hearted citizens, the stunning countryside, the georgian food and delicious wine, Tbilisi’s nightlife and many other interesting factors. Actually, It is very hard to describe your feelings, but it may be the mix of everything you love to do.


A journey in Georgia can teach you how to appreciate nature and show you how people can have a great influence on your soul because it is really a journey into humanity and kindness. When you discover the beauty of Georgia, it will leave a massive impact on your life as a traveller.

It is hard to make a plan for the places you’ll visit in Georgia because there are millions of things to do there including exploring the country, riding a horse back, hiking, savouring the delicious Georgian cuisine…

If you love history then you will enjoy seeing.




Uplistsikhe, Narikala Fortress, Gergeti Trinity Church and many other historical places. However, if you seek for adventures, you can indulge in some amusing activities like hiking, hunting, caving, rafting, horse-riding, para gliding, etc.

Moreover, this a list of 8 reasons which will encourage you to make Georgia your next destination.


1 – The nature of Georgia is amazing.    

Actually, no words can describe the beauty of the nature in Georgia. A trip to Caucasian Mountains at the early morning is like seeing a heaven on earth with no clouds nor noise. There will be just the sun, mountains and you.
Whether it is the Tusheti National Park, Mount Elbrus or any other place in Georgia, It doesn’t matter because the nature is amazing in everywhere there.

2 – The people of Georgia will conquer your heart with no permission.

The great about Georgia’s people is that they begin to treat you like a member of their family after few seconds. You will experience one of the greatest human interactions with those warm hearted people. They really have a great respect, love, and passion, and they don’t hide it.

They would cheer for you if you sing, dance, tell a story, or even make a strange recipe even if they didn’t really like it.



3 – Even the little local markets are a new experience.
In Georgia, even little markets offer delicious colorful vegetables, fruits, meat, bread… or anything  else you could wish for. They are just simple traditional markets with no price tags on the products, and you have to negotiate the price with the old ladies who obviously don’t know how to speak a single English word.


4 – Tbilisi is one of the most unique capitals.

Georgia is surrounded by many different countries and each has a different culture, therefore it got all the good qualities from its neighbor, and you will feel it  everywhere around Tbilisi.

However, you won’t find many western chains like McDonalds or Burger King in Tbilisi, but only few little markets, a few Soviet leftovers and an incredible touch of modern architecture. Actually, Tbilisi is a new modern city that is slowly developing, opening itself up to the world and always trying to find its own style.




5 – The little streets of Tbilisi…
Tbilisi’s street are not like those of Paris or Venice, but they have their own charm which could make you call it the Paris of Eurasia.
You will find these little alleys and streets all over the city, so just take your camera with you and take few shots in these amazing places.


6 – The beer and the food are good and cheap.

The prices of food and the beer is one of the main reasons which make you love a country especially if you have a low budget. Georgian beer is pure and delicious, and you can get drunk with just 10 dollars.
The cuisine in Georgia is influenced with both European and Middle Eastern ones, so it is very amazing and unique. Their  delicious national dish is called Khinkali, and it will remind you of the Chinese dumplings, but this dish can really water your mouth especially that it is filled with spiced meat like beef, pork or sometimes lamb.


7 – A visit to Kazbegi will blow your mind!
Every village in Europe usually has at least two churches which are found at the most bizarre places where you can find only sheep and mountains. However, only one church in Georgia caught my heart and attention which is called the Gergeti Trinity Church. It is a fabulous landmark in Georgia and located just next to Mount Kazbegi, you would never think of a better place for a church.

It is very difficult to reach this church except after three hours of a very steep hike or after driving your Jeep along the mountain trail.


8 – You can try stunning the Butami and Black Sea Coast. Actually, this is an activity which you would be looking for.
The Batumi and the Black Sea Coast have their own attractive charm which make you always ask for more. It is a great combination of mountains and the sea which are very close to each others, so you will be able to go skiing and then after two hours you lay at the beach.


Batumi has a subtropical climate and a really nice weather. Moreover, the city itself is gorgeous and has a few architectural highlights, so you can find a lot of young people who come to Batumi to have a great time at the sea by relaxing, enjoying the beach parties or just socialising.




Georgia Wine Tours

Georgian wine stands in one row with such touristy attractions as ancient temples, high mountains and numerous resorts on the shores of the Black Sea. There people say that Georgian wine is a piece of the sun, living in a bottle. In Georgia wine is not just a drink, but a significant part of the culture.

Georgia wine tours will introduce you to the traditional way of making wine in kvevri, you will taste various types and enjoy the beauties and ancient architecture and culture.




There are a few more recommendations that you can’t miss seeing them in Georgia like:

1- Mtskheta
Actually, It’s the oldest city in Georgia which is located 20 kilometers north of Tbilisi.



2- Kutaisi
It is the former capital of Georgia and the home of the government.


3- Svaneti
It is located in northwest Georgia, and it is highly known for its architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes.


4- The Great Caucasus
It is the highest mountain range in Europe.

5- Ushguli
It is a tiny village located on 2200 meters above sea level which make it the highest village in Europe.


How to travel ?

Online Visa : In February 2015 Georgia launched an e-Visa portal allowing citizens of countries that are required to obtain a visa to do so online without a visit to the Georgian diplomatic mission or consulate.

Holders of visas or residence permits of EU/EFTA/GCC countries, overseas territories of EU countries (except Anguilla, Montserrat, Pitcairn, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha), Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea or the United States do not require a visa for max 90 days in a 180-day period. The visa/residence permit must be valid on arrival to Georgia. However, there have been few cases where those holding valid residency of GCC countries have been denied access without assigning any reason.


Getting There

By Plane

Tbilisi International Airport is the main gateway of the country. There are connections to most neighbouring countries and the Middle East. Direct flights from Europe can be taken from London, Munich, Riga, Vienna, Amsterdam, Kiev and Athens. Coming from Asia is best to connect through Dubai or Istanbul. Direct flights via Moscow and Russia at the time of writing have been suspended.
Batumi International Airport on the Back Sea Coast also has direct flights from Ukraine (Georgian Airways) and Turkey (Turkish Airlines).

With Georgia being more and more popular lately, more connections are being linked with Tbilisi.


By Train

There are train services from Yerevan, Armenia and Baku, Azerbaijan to the capital city Tbilisi.




By Car

You can enter Georgia from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. Borders with Russia are closed to foreigners though. Be sure to have your visa, passport and car registration documents in order and have a international driving permit. Main roads in Georgia are quite good, though some border crossings can be pretty bad, such as the crossing through Georgia between Turkey and Armenia in the southwest.

By Bus

There are connections to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, either by bus or by marshrutka, the Georgian minibus. Buses travel as far as Istanbul and Athens which can take up to 2 full days to get there. Currently, the border with Russia is closed to foreigners and travelling across this border is not recommended anyway. Also, you can not enter from Russia to Georgia via Abkhazia, as this is considered illegial by Georgian authorities.


By Boat

There are ferries from the Black Sea ports of Poti and Batumi, mainly to Sochi in Russia and to Ukraine, although occasionally there are crossings further away to Bulgaria (Burgas) and to Trabzon in Turkey, mainly in summer. Sokhumi has a port with ferry crossings to Sochi only, not with other ports in Georgia.
A new ferry operates between Sochi, Russia to Batumi, Georgia. It is a high speed hydrofoil which operates three times a week, Wednesdays at 10:30am, Fridays at 9:30am, Sundays at 10:30am. Check the port of Sochi for more information about those crossings.

One of the main operators is UKR Ferry between Georgia and Ukraine.


Tourism in Georgia is a great experience which you may not forget in your whole life, so pack your bag and begin your trip.


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