Why Facebook Ads?


The social network has changed the way of startups and businesses to spread the words to their audience. Billions of people are reliant on popular social networks like G+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to communicate with their friends and family on daily basis.

These social networks have been proven to be the most effective way for businesses to engage with their audience. However, there is no platform like Facebook. Since it launched the advertising tools back then, it has become the most prevalent platform for a digital marketing agency in chicago.

If you are starting a business or running the existing one, you could consider looking for facebook advertising agency in chicago. Here are the reasons why.

Groundbreaking social network

No social network sites on Earth can match the daily pageviews like Facebook gets. The latest statistics show that there are around 1.3 billion active users in the world. You could imagine how many views that this site attains on daily basis. It is a big pool of fish. Most Facebook users are aware of the internet. They know how it works and they’ve seen Facebook as a tangible interest. That means the number of impressions of Facebook ads is living on a daily basis.

More affordable than other marketing tools

You will only need to spend money for a number of clicks your ads receive. Unlike the other marketing tools, it is free to create a Facebook page and arrange your ads account. You could also arrange the budget for the ads and change the amount of the fiscals. With such privileges, you will be able to implement different marketing strategies simultaneously and find out which one works for your business. Although you do not excel in managing the Facebook ads, the best facebook advertising agency can help you to do the job.

Targeted audience

It is what differs Facebook ads with conventional online ads. Facebook allows you to control whom you show your ads. You can even specify the targeted audience based on certain factors you choose. For instance, you could show the Facebook ad to a Dota Gaming community in Chicago with the target audience being 15 – 35 year-olds who have played the Dota 2 Games, either by liking the Game page, join the Gaming community or by showing their interest in their Facebook profile. You may not find such incredible specification that allows you to get the results that you want. The best thing about it, you could rely on digital marketing agency in chicago to handle this. So you will be able to allocate your time and energy for other important things in your business. The Facebook advertising allows you to geo-target an audience by the country. That means you will be able to expand or narrow down the message based on the settings you pick.

Facebook ads are much more flexible

You could share your promotions, special offers, new site launches, your new products or services, or interesting information with your audience. The good thing here is that you can use your audio, video, text, or image in the ads. These can attract the visual customers. You will easily use this to convey your messages to the world.

By promoting your business through the Facebook ads, it is definite that you can reach your targeted audience more effectively. For this cause, the #1 facebook advertising agency can offer you the good solution. All you need is just hit the contact the number of digital marketing agency in chicago and discuss your business plan with them.


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